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This blog is intended to de-mystify the home buying process in my area – that is, the lower Hudson valley and metro area of New York.  If you are located in a state other than NY, or located upstate, not all of this may be applicable to you, but you may still find parts that are useful.

A little about me, I am a licensed real estate salesperson with Better Real Estate, licensed in NY and CT, covering all of lower Hudson Valley and parts of Connecticut. I am Certified Buyer Representative, Pricing Strategy Advisor. I am also an opera singer (hence the ‘diva’ part). I have worked in Real Estate since 2014, and have closed 100’s of transactions. Having closed this many deals in a relatively short time span has furnished me with quite a bit of industry knowledge and enabled me to successfully navigate countless buyers down the often confusing and precarious path to home ownership, and to illuminate the process. I have my bachelor’s degree in English, and have found that it helps immensely in facilitating communication among all parties involved, which is the pinnacle of any successful, stress-free transaction. Beyond that, it has enabled me to break down the process in an intelligible fashion to confused first time home buyers, and frustrated sellers. I took a brief hiatus in 2018 to get my mortgage license, and returned to real estate furnished with an abundance of mortgage tips and tools to help buyers get matched to the optimal loan type for their circumstances and, of course, interest rate.

Our market is dog eat dog.  Offers are accepted but not really accepted…  the path to home ownership is arduous and paved with disappointment.  My intention is to educate home buyers on the daunting and often overwhelming process of buying a home in our area – which is currently defined by low inventory, high buyer demand – and in doing so, giving buyers and sellers more tools in their arsenal, more bargaining power, and ultimately, preventing tears and massive amounts of wasted money and time.

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