Summer 2020 Housing Market Update

As I've mentioned, the market is HOT, HOT, HOT...for sellers. For buyers, it's terrible, to be honest. We are indeed in the midst of a housing shortage. Here are the July stats: New listings were up +45% for the month of July versus last July, however month's supply of inventory was down -21.2% and homes... Continue Reading →

What is a CMA and Why Do I Need One?

Quite simply, CMA is an acronym for Comparative Market Analysis.  It’s a consideration of comparable property sale values.  CMAs are important, and every home buyer and seller should know about them.  Why?  In short, to save you money. The CMA is the single most important tool available in pricing a home.  I have written extensively... Continue Reading →

The Housing Market and the Dating Market

My colleague and I have long pondered the uncanny similarities between the housing market and the dating market.  Let’s face it, in our neck of the woods, both are dog-eat-dog, and both are rife with broken promises and disappointment.  If you can’t relate, then you have not been in the game, either housing or dating,... Continue Reading →

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